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Frequently Asked Questions

Silk Care Instructions

Silk is a 100 % organic fiber, and is very durable so nothing to worry. I hand wash silk and chiffon scarves after the heat set process, in cold water with a mild detergent and using my fingers lightly massage the silk, then rinse in lukewarm water several times until the soapy water is clear. Give it a try, you can do it too. If you got a stain on silk then, add enough amount of mild detergent on the area, and lightly use your fingers to massage the soap into the stain. DO NOT scrub the silk as this can cause stress to the top layer of silk fibers causing a bruise. Instead, Rinse and Repeat. If the stain is still there, buy a professional textile detergent called 'Synthropol' and try again, it will help. After washing, lay your silk flat on a bath towel, wrap it on all sides and gently press for 3-4 minutes to absorb the water, then you can either hang it to dry or immediately begin ironing it while it is still damp. Use the silk setting on your iron and spread a thin cotton sheet on silk before begin to iron, just to be safe. Regarding the items such as large wall hangings, get the help of professional dry cleaners. Please use your NSFA silk items freely, caring for them similarly to your gentle wash garments.


Care for Silk, Acrylic, Batik, Watercolor, Wall Hangings

 Taking care of silk and other wall-hangings is to hang it away from direct sunlight coming on it. Instead find a spot in your room where there is no direct sunlight coming on the art piece.

Custom Design Process

Custom Design Scarf and Fine Art Process
Once you contact me, I will ask you questions about your thoughts on your silk project and I will give you my feedback. After we agree on same design, I will put that on paper and send you a picture to look at. Once you approve the design and I receive 50% of total payment, I will start making your piece. Generally it takes about four weeks in total to complete a custom piece; depending upon the complexity of the design, how quickly it gets approved, and my own availability schedule.


Design fees is included in the price, it varies for different designs, and can be negotiated. Also, you have to pay a premium rate to own the design, otherwise I reserve the right to paint and resell the design I create for you. Payment in full is due prior to shipping/installation.


Personalizing Scarves:
Custom designed scarves make fantastic gift. I can customize anything that is already in stock, by adding an additional hand-painted line of type or a special date to it. Please use the contact form to inquire.

Hanging and Installations

All my Silk Fine Art are either mounted as a gallery wrap on canvas with a wire attached to the back for easy hanging on a hook on the wall, or I attach a magnetic frame on top and bottom edge of the art piece with a string attached for easy hanging, easy transporting and easy mailing in a cardboard tube. If you don't prefer a magnetic frame, then I can hand stitch pockets into the top and bottom of the paintings so that decorative rods can be inserted and then hang the top rod on two hooks on the wall for stability. We will discuss your preferred method during the design process.

Packaging and Ironing

Silk Scarves

All of my scarf products are gently folded into tissue paper and shipped in a custom box to help reduce the amount of wrinkling that will occur during shipping.


Gallery Wrapped Art

All Silk Gallery Wrapped Artwork will be wrapped in bubble wrap, then packed in a cardboard box little bigger than the art piece and mailed via United States Postal Service.


Large and Small Art

All large silk artwork, which are not gallery wrapped, will be packed in a cardboard tube for mailing, and all the smaller art pieces will be carefully wrapped in tissue, and then put in a custom box for mailing.



All silk can be ironed on the low/wool/silk setting of your home iron using steam. For best results, gently iron your scarf on the wrong side with a cotton sheet spread on top.

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