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MAAKALI is a depiction of Indian Goddess Maa Kali facial form (mudra), and is hand painted in batik colors on white cotton fabric. The artwork shows one of the forms (mudra) of goddess’s facial expressions. The colors used in completing the artwork are gold yellow, plum, green, white and black.Batik Art is made with wax and batik color dyes, the number of colors which are used in an artwork determines how much time it will take to complete that piece. In maakali, I used five colors so it took me longer time about 3-4 weeks to complete it. The artwork in heat set for color permanence so colors stay vibrant.

For hanging purposes, the artwork has two pockets stiched on top and bottom edge of the artwork so decorative rods can be inserted and hang it on a hook on the wall.

The artwork is carefully folded and wrapped in wrapping paper then in a gift box for shipping. After you recieve it, unwrap and press the artwork on the wrong side with iron settings to cotton for 2-3 minutes to remove any creeze that may have caused during the shipping.Thank you for visiting NeeraS Silks and Fine Art, we appreciate your business

MAAKALI Indian Goddess Hand Painted Batik Art Collectible, Gold Plum Black Batik

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