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MUSCLE HEALING SALVE is a homemade product made with all natural organic essential oils as shown on the label and much more, keeping in mind that all people can benefit from this.

MUSCLE HEALING SALVE is packaged in 2oz round container and vacuum sealed. Once opened it can last for 6 months depending on how much is consumed. A little goes a long way, you just need a small amount to apply on the painful area, lightly rub it into the skin and massage for 5-10 minutes. The warmth of the essential oils help heal the pain and discomfort and brings relief to the inflamed and tight muscles.


Give it a try and you will love having with you at all times and don’t have to take any medicines for the pain and inflamed tight muscles

MUSCLE HEALING SALVE Scar Cream Muscle Balm Healing Salve Pain Relieving Balm

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